The Gay Beach Pattaya!

As pointed out above prostitution (i.e. commercial sex) is technically illegal in Thailand so the demarcation between commercial and semi-commercial is often quite blurred! Nevertheless the money-taking is a little more discreet in these settings – but be prepared to pay for your pleasures!

We’ll list a few types of venues/activities where you should find it relatively easy to meet handsome young men who may be accommodating!

The Gay beach Pattaya – Jomtien Dongtan Beach.

Gay Beach PattayaThis is the best known and frequented beach for gay visitors in Thailand. Here you’ll be able to relax all day in a deck chair by the sea for around 30 Baht and watch the world go by. You’ll be offered all kinds of Gay Massages by the beach massage boys and you may well be able to negotiate a private session at your hotel or room for around 500 – 1000 Baht.

This Pattaya gay beach is fairly cruisy and you may well strike up a conversation with a young Thai man – but be a little careful the boys will expect a tip for any favours that you may receive even though they will rarely ask outright for money.

Karaoke Bars.

You will either love or hate the karaoke experience! But they tend to come to life after the bars have closed (about 1 am) where many of the working boys congregate to let their hair down after work. It’s probably best to go with a Thai friend the first few times but if you maintain a good sense of humour, are willing to fork out a bit of money for a bottle of whiskey and mixers (typically 600 Baht or so) – you should have a really good time and if you hit it off with one (or more) of the lads then you may get lucky! Again, though, be aware most boys will expect a tip after any personal services.

Discos and Clubs

Gay Clubs Pattaya DiscoAgain these start to get lively after the bars have closed. There are a few “gay clubs” discos scattered around town where the majority of the clientele are gay but you’ll find your fair share of talent at any disco – there is no clear demarcation between gay and straight discos in Thailand. As with the karaoke it’s probably better to go with a friend (or five) and buy some booze for the party and let the music work its magic.

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