Flights to Thailand get the best prices!

So you are looking for flights to Thailand?

Well before you purchase a flight, there are a couple of things that you should check before you proceed with your booking.

First of all if you are planning to visit Pattaya once you arrive in Thailand, then you should ensure that the airport you are due to land at is Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok. Most International flights to Thailand do land there, however on occasions you will find that some land at the old Don Muang Airport, this doesn’t happen often as this airport is now mainly used for domestic flights.

The reason you need to check, especially if you are travelling onto Pattaya is because of the transfer times. From the old Don Muang airport a taxi ride to Pattaya used to take about 2 ½ hours sometimes longer. Where as now, due to the location of the new Suvarnabhumi Airport the transfer times to Pattaya have been reduced to only 1 ½ hours.

Another area for concern when booking your flight to Thailand is stop offs and the length of time that can be involved. Be very careful when deciding to book a flight with a lengthy stop off. Depending on which country you are traveling from most flights to Thailand are already long enough, without having to sit around in another airport for several hours, waiting to get back on yet another flight, while also knowing that when you do eventually arrive in Thailand, you have then another journey onto your final destination.

Don’t be put off visiting Thailand however by the amount of time involved in travelling to this great country. We can assure you that once you arrive, you will be glad you made the trip. All we say is don’t spend more time than you need too in getting there.

So when purchasing your ticket if you are looking to save money and you just want the cheapest possible price on a Thailand flight, we have found that are one of the best for offering some great flights at incredible prices.

Not everybody wants to book a cheap flight to Bangkok. Maybe you like many others wish to book a flight with a well known airline, or perhaps you want one of the new deluxe economy seats, then again even business class or first class is what you are after. In choosing one of these flights obviously you still want a good deal when booking your flight, here we feel is best suited to find you that great deal.

Remember before you finally book that flight, check your flight times and your destination airport, you don’t want to be traveling any longer than necessary. Then go ahead and book, safe in the knowledge that from the moment you arrive in “The Land of Smiles” you can be assured that you will have the time of your life.

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