The Flight of the Gibbon Pattaya!

The Flight of the Gibbon Pattaya is one of the more distinct tourist attractions in Pattaya because it involves exploration of the rainforest treetop ecosystem by way of zip line. The treetop rainforest ecosystem is a natural treasure of Thailand, a true jewel that you must experience when planning an itinerary filled with tourist attractions in Pattaya. The Flight of the Gibbon experience is one that both natives and visitors alike enjoy visiting, and so it is one of the top things to do in Pattaya whether you are staying for a day, a week, a year or the rest of your life.

Why not take a look at the video above, it shows this amazing tourist attraction in Pattaya in all its splendour. You will also get a feel for the fun that can be had when choosing a day out at the Flight of the Gibbon Pattaya.

The city of water, Chonburi, can be found just 90 minutes away from the downtown area of Bangkok, and the Pattaya Flight of the Gibbon is found in its heart. This premier zip line adventure tour is going to provide you with a completely rare and unparalleled opportunity to experience the beauty and majesty in this jungle rainforest while you engage in fun and enjoyable adventures. The jungle ecosystem is fragile, and so this is the best way to take it in without harming it.

Pattaya’s Flight of the Gibbon is the first ever zip line tour and course, and it allows you to explore a truly diverse wildlife population where you will see barking deer, giant squirrels, macaques, giant storks and a variety of other animals as well. You will also find hornbills, bears, deer, wild boar and elusive gibbon as well. Across 3 kilometers and 26 platforms, this is the longest and the highest zip line tour in all of Thailand, peaking over tree tops to offer spectacular views of the ocean as you glide down through the canopy of the rainforest. No tourist attractions in Pattaya or other things to do in Pattaya will give you quite the thrilling experience that the Flight of the Gibbon Pattaya does.

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