The Flag of Thailand

The National Flag of Thailand is also known by Thai's as the "Trairanga" meaning Tri-colour.

There is actually only one official National Thai Flag, however very often throughout Thailand you will see two flags flown together. These are the official Thailand flag, which is Red/White/Blue in colour and has never been altered since 1917, and also a yellow flag, this flag which is in the Royal colour, is widely used by the public of Thailand to show their support for the King. It is not however an official Thailand Flag.

Official Flag of Thailand

History of the Previous Thai Flag

Previously the official Thailand Flag was a red flag with a white elephant. This flag was changed after the flood of 1916, when the then King of Siam, as the country was then known as, apparently saw the flag hanging upside down. This was said to have caused a great deal of distress, therefore a new flag was decided upon that could not accidentally be hung upside down.

The Old Thailand Flag

During 1917 a new flag with two white bands was decided to be adopted, however on 28th September of the very same year, a decision was made to change the middle red band to blue. Apparently this was to show solidarity between Thailand and its allies, this would also remind Thailand of its participation in the First World War. Since this last alteration, the flag has not been altered from what it is today.

Siam as the country used to be called did on the 26th June 1939 change its name to what it is known as today, Thailand.

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