Distances for walking in a taxi or by other transport.

by Archibald Preston
(Scotland, UK)

Archibald's Question is:

How far is it to boyz town. Also to sunee plaza and to walking street from the Sawasdee Seaview Hotel.

My Answer is:

Hi Archibald

So I presume you are thinking about booking the Sawasdee Seaview Hotel.

Well this hotel is located in Soi 10 which is a small road that goes between the main Beach Road and Second road. Both of these roads are one way roads and there are Tuk Tuk's (Pick ups with seating in the back) that constantly drive around them all day and night.

So if you came out of your hotel and walked 200yds down on to Beach Road, you could then take a Tuk Tuk (Incidentally the cost is 10 baht) which would take you down to the Walking Street end of the road. Boyz town is located just before the entrance to Walking Street approx 150yds. If you would then wish to return to your hotel, you would then leave Boyz town from the Second Road entrance and again take a Tuk Tuk along Second Road getting off at Soi 10.

If you think about Beach Road and Second Road as a one way circle you can't go wrong.

Sunee Plaza is located just behind Walking Street and within a short walking distance.

So as for distances well from the hotel to Walking Street approx 1 kilometre, not quite as far for Boyz town and from there to Sunee Plaza another 400 yds. Obviously you could walk if you so wished or you can even take a motorcycle taxi to these locations. But if I was you I would stick to the Tuk Tuk's.

The sawasdee Seaview hotel is in a good centrally located position. You are not far away from the new Central Festival shopping complex on Beach Road, and perfect for using Tuk Tuk's to get around the rest of Pattaya

If you have not already booked why not check out the prices of the hotel on this site by clicking here “Pattaya Hotels” you may find the prices are better than you have already seen.

Hope you choose to visit and have a great time.


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