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For overseas investors looking at investing in Pattaya, Chateau Dale Condominium presents an attractive option for two reasons.

Chateau Dale Condominium Jomtien in Pattaya Thailand

Firstly, it is a completed construction, which means there is none of the risks or uncertainty that is associated with off plan developments or pre-construction condos. Since the condo is ready to occupy, it can yield return on investments from day one through property rentals. Secondly, this is a property which will see value appreciation in the future as Chateau Dale Condo is just around 500 meters from the beach offering easy access to water sports facilities and the opportunity for a perfect tropical holiday by the sea.

For real estate investors, who are looking at either multiplying the value of their investment in the long term or earning a comfortable amount from property rentals, Pattaya offers a lot of options just like Chateau Dale Condominium. However, before jumping in and purchasing the first property that is listed or choosing the cheapest option, it is important to consider several factors so that the funds locked into an investment property you may purchase in Pattaya is based on a sensible rather than an impulsive decision. Here is a guide that will help investors analyse all the key factors before purchasing an investment property that is for sale in the city.

Status of the project

Before investing in a property, it is important to ascertain the status of the construction. This is especially significant in the case of pre-construction or off plan real estate investment property that Pattaya has to offer, as a delay in the project would result in the invested funds getting tied up without earning income from rentals. For this reason, investing in completed projects such as Chateau Dale Pattaya is a good option as there is no waiting period involved, and the property can start earning rentals right from the day the title is transferred.

Location of the condo

While there are several Pattaya apartments for sale, not all of them have a good location. There are two factors that make a condo a valuable investment – view and accessibility. Having a view is priceless, especially in a city such as Pattaya where a sea view adds to the tropical vacation experience. Chateau Dale Condominium has units, which have fabulous sea views. In addition, it is located on Thappraya Road, which is well-connected and provides easy access to other parts of Jomtien and downtown Pattaya.


Almost all Pattaya condos for sale come with at least basic facilities and amenities such as a swimming pool, children’s area and fitness centre, among other things. With high end facilities such as water features, jogging tracks, large swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gym, Chateau Dale Condominium is a perfect investment option for those looking at earning income from their investment property through vacation rentals.


For most vacationers looking for long term rentals, a condo that offers additional facilities is a god send. Chateau Dale Resort offers services such as laundry, security and parking, which is included in the monthly maintenance charges making it a convenient property for vacationers. For those looking to make an overseas investment in property it offers an option that could be rented out easily to earn income.

Swimming Pool of Chateau Dale Condominium Jomtien in Pattaya Thailand

These benefits make Chateau Dale a good choice for overseas investors looking at real estate investment opportunities in Pattaya. At present, there are several options of condos for sale in this development, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom duplex apartments. Before finalising the purchase of a unit in Chateau Dale Condominium it is necessary to take precautions to verify that the title of the apartment is genuine. As an investor from abroad, you may find this difficult, and this is where a Pattaya investment company can help.

There are several property investment companies in Pattaya that offer services such as legal assistance, physical inspection and investment advice, among other things, for helping overseas investors find the perfect investment properties for sale. Thailand Property is one such company, which offers comprehensive investment property solutions to customers. They have several resale and new purchase options listed on their website for Chateau Dale Condominium, including a range of one, two and three-bedroom apartments. If you are interested in purchasing a property in Chateau Dale, you could contact Thailand Property through their website to get an idea of the various options for property investment Pattaya has.

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