Boyztown Pattaya – The Best Gay Nightlife

Boyztown Pattaya is the heart of gay tourism in Pattaya.

Boyz Town in PattayaWhile the city is well known as a sex tourism destination, most of it caters to straight tourists. There are a few gay bars in areas such as Walking Street, but if like any other gay tourist you are looking for choice, you should head to Boyz Town Pattaya. The entire street is filled with rows of gay bars where you can see Thai boys dancing on the stage or just sitting in front of the bar in skimpy underwear. Anything is possible, but everything has a price.


Boyztown Pattaya is located in Pattayaland Soi 3. There are also a few gay bars in the neighbouring Soi 1 and Soi 2, but these are in between regular girlie bars. If you want exclusive boys bars, then Pattaya Boyztown is the best place. The bars on the other streets might have just a few boys in each, and if you don’t fancy any of them, you will have to walk further along the street to find the next gay bar. In Pattaya Boys Town, you can bar-hop to your heart’s content, tasting the goods along the way until you find a boy worth taking home for the night.

What to expect

For a beginner, walking down through Boyztown Pattaya can be an unnerving experience with aggressive barkers and door staff at the bars trying to lure you in. It is best to act confident (even if you aren’t) and be firm when you say that you only want to look inside. Then, one of them will escort you inside, and if you are happy with the way the place looks, you can choose to stay and buy a drink while you watch the boys at the bar dance.

Not all the dancers in the bars in boys town Pattaya might be gay. Remember that this is sin city where sex tourism is the livelihood for many. So, many boys are willing to be gay to earn a living. As you watch the boys reach into their shorts to attract your attention, you may find one who catches your eye. All you have to do is beckon him, or if you prefer being discreet, ask the waiter to call the boy to your table (the boys wear numbered shorts or underwear, so it is easy for you to identify them).

Once the boy comes to your table, it is the norm that you buy him a drink as he earns a commission from it. After a few short sentences to break the ice, the working boys of Pattaya Boyztown get straight to the point and will play with themselves while you watch and negotiate to be taken upstairs for a short time encounter in one of the hourly rental rooms, get off at the table for your viewing pleasure or ask if you would like to take them off the bar by paying the bar fine, so you can take them back to your hotel room. Of course, each ‘service’ has a price. In addition, it is part of bar etiquette in Boyztown Pattaya to tip the boy, apart from the drinks that you buy for him or what you pay for a ‘private performance’.

Although the scene can be aggressive at times, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to. Be polite, say no firmly and thank them before you leave. Remember money talks, so if you buy drinks and tip according to the expected norm, your experience in Boyztown Pattaya will be enjoyable.

There are several hotels and guesthouses in the area that cater to gay tourists. Some of these, such as Copa Hotel, are attached to a body club (for gay massages) and a show bar. In the heart of Boyztown Pattaya, Café Royale is another popular gay friendly hotel.

With the unlimited choice of boys on offer and the fact that they are willing to do anything for a price, you could get carried away with your fantasies. However, it is best to be cautious and bear in mind that Prostitution is illegal in Thailand and there is strict punishment for underage sex. While you are flirting with the Boyztown Pattaya boys ask for ID cards if you are in doubt about their age. Often, there are raids in these bars, and if you are caught buying sexual favours of any kind, you could face imprisonment. Furthermore, if you do take one of the boys back to your hotel, be careful with your valuables.

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