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Anonymous Question is:

Is it true that if you're looking for a nice beach then don't go to Pattaya? Is it really dirty?

My Answer is:

Hi Anonymous

Firstly let me say that it is true that the beaches in Pattaya are not the same as those in resorts like Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui. The beaches in these popular resorts are far superior to the ones that you will find in Pattaya.

Now that being said, Pattaya does have some beaches that are perfectly suitable for sunbathing and watersport activities. In particular you will find the beaches to the North of Pattaya at Wongamat more than suitable for the requirements of most people. In addition Jomtien beach also provides the majority of visitors with a more than adequate beach experience. If you take a look at the Pattaya Beaches Page on this site you will see that the beaches are clean and certainly not like some people imagine them to be.

Pattaya is a city that is also a major coastal tourist destination. Every year thousands of tourists arrive here for the nightlife it has to offer, but many also take advantage of the fact that it is also a beach resort. Certainly the main Beach Road area of Pattaya is not as nice or quite as places like Wongamat or Jomtien, so if a nice beach is an important aspect of your trip to Pattaya, when choosing your Pattaya Hotel bear in mind the location of the hotel.

Don’t worry about the beaches, as I am sure you will find one that suits your particular taste. Hope you choose to visit Pattaya, and have a great time.


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