Atlantis Condo Resort Pattaya 
Luxurious Resort-Style Development

Atlantis Condo Resort Pattaya is a new development in Jomtien that is a good investment opportunity for those who are looking at property in Pattaya with the intention of long term appreciation. One of the reasons that real estate investors look at investing in Pattaya is the ever increasing demand for rooms, especially during the peak tourist season. While many of the international hotel chains have a presence in the lucrative real estate investments that Pattaya has to offer, hotel rooms get filled up very quickly during the holiday season. In addition, for tourists looking for long term rentals, hotels can prove to be expensive.

As a result, there is a great demand for vacation rentals in developments such as Atlantis Condo Resort Pattaya that come with a complete range of facilities as well as a resort-like ambience as not everyone is interested in purchasing a property that they will use for just a couple of weeks in a year. In addition, for making a Pattaya investment in a condo, there is the aspect of maintenance. However, many developers offer project management services that include taking care of rentals as well as property maintenance, making it convenient for those looking at investing in property overseas.

There are many upcoming condominium projects in Pattaya, and some of them offer great value for money. However, for seeing property appreciation or for earning significant rental income from the property investment Pattaya has to offer, it is essential to follow a few guidelines to ensure that you are making a safe and secure investment as well as one that will offer rich rewards. Here are some pointers on the things to look for while investing in pre-construction projects such as Atlantis Pattaya.

Purchase price

One of the key factors to look at while investing in a property is the purchase price. Obviously, buying at lower price, as is the case with pre construction condos will mean that the returns you get from your investment will be that much higher. This is why it makes sense in investing at an early stage in a development such as Atlantis Condo Resort Pattaya.

Location of the property

While a preconstruction condo may seem like an investment with high returns, the location of the property also determines the prospect of appreciation. For instance, there may be several Pattaya apartments for sale in and around one of the lesser developed areas surrounding the city. However, unless these areas are easily accessible or are close to a tourist attraction, the chances of earning from vacation rentals or price appreciation would be pretty low. Atlantis condominium is located on Jomtien 2nd Road, just 300 meters away from Jomtien Beach Road, making accessibility easy. In addition, its proximity to the beach is also an advantage as far as renting out to long stay visitors is concerned.

Facilities & amenities

Nowadays, most Pattaya condos for sale come with basic amenities such as landscaping, fitness centre, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room and children’s area, among other things. However, there are certain additional features that Atlantis Condo Resort Pattaya has to offer, which makes it an attractive investment option. This includes a themed water park, lush tropical gardens with waterfalls, an underwater aquarium and a club house lounge with entertainment facilities. This makes it one of the unique real estate investment opportunities in Pattaya as once it is completed the development will be a favoured property rental option among vacationers, especially families with children, who are looking for activities during their holiday.


Atlantis condos come fully furnished, so investors don’t have to worry about getting the interiors done before the property can be rented out. In addition, by opting for property management services, all aspects of maintenance of your investment property purchased in Pattaya is taken care of right from finding short stay or long term tenants to the general upkeep and maintenance of the condo.

Reputation of the builder

One of the most crucial aspects to be looked at for investment properties for sale is the reliability of the builder by taking into account factors such as track record for on time completion, financial backing and construction quality. In the case of Atlantis condo resort Pattaya, Blue Sky Development Co. Ltd has several projects to its credit, including the Citrus Hotel chain in Bangkok and several commercial developments in Pattaya. Atlantis also has the financial backing of LH Bank.

Due to all these advantages, Atlantis condo resort Pattaya is an attractive investment option for overseas investors. Thailand Property has been appointed as an agent for Atlantis. So if you are interested in finding out more details about this project, then you can visit their website here; where you will find more information about the Atlantis condo resort Pattaya. Alternatively, if you are in Pattaya, you can contact them at their office at View talay 5 in Jomtien to view brochures of this investment property.

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