Are there places to meet Thai Boys that are NOT rent boys?

by Cristiano

Cristiano's Question is:

I am in my mid 30's, fairly handsome, and in no way have ever paid for sex. I'm coming to Jomtien for vacation. At this point in my life I don't feel that I have to. Are there places that I can just meet Thai boys to take back to my room and have regular sex with?? I don't mind buying the guy drinks or dinner, but I'm not keen on paying for sexual services. Thanks!

My Answer is:

Christiano similar questions have been asked by many people on many occasions, and usually because they have never been to Pattaya before.

Regardless of whether you are gay or straight, the answer is always the same. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you are about to enter some seedy world of prostitution. Of course like anywhere in the world it exists, but as most people who visit will tell you, it’s not what they expected.

So whether you are gay or straight, when it comes to meeting people in Pattaya just go out and have fun. Maybe for you, if you do not want to go to bars that are a bit full on, then stay away from the go-go bars. There are a mass of beer bars, which are just normal bars that have Thai’s and foreigners drinking there. Most have pool tables and people just wanting to relax and have fun. Probably the best area for you is around the Jomtien complex where there are many gay beer bars. But once you arrive here you’ll soon find your feet.

When you say that you don’t want to pay for sex, some people would say that by buying drinks and dinner for someone you are still paying for sex, just in a different way to what is normally expected.

Anyway if you visit a bar and in that bar you find someone that you like, then the same applies as it does in any city or town in the western world. You chat and maybe buy a drink for that person and let things take their course. If you both wish to take things further then that’s up to you. If the person you’ve met asks you for money then you have the choice of saying no. Trust me though once you’re in the situation of having met someone you really fancy, and you’d love to have sex with them, the money issue just seems incidental.

The bottom line is that if you meet someone and they want to have sex with you and they also want a little money, don’t be offended their country is not the same as ours, and sometimes they have to do what they have to do just to get by.

Don’t forget prostitution is illegal in Pattaya and the rest of Thailand.

Just arrive with the correct attitude and the intention of having a great time, and I guarantee you that is exactly what will happen!

I’m sure you will have a great time when you visit this amazing place!


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Oct 21, 2015
It's cultural...
by: Anonymous

It also helps to remember that in Thai society, if you go out to dinner, then often the person perceived to be the wealthiest is the one who picks up the tab. As a foreigner, it's assumed you are the wealthiest. It's not a question of paying for sex, more that you can afford to be the host at dinner. And bonding over dinner may well lead to more intimate encounters back at your hotel. But the Thai guy would not see it as you paying for sex. In fact he would be offended if he thought you saw it that way. So relax, share your good fortune and wealth with your new friend, and enjoy!

May 08, 2013
by: Rama 10 Rest in Peace

Yes. Prostitution is illegal in Thailand. You will not find rent boys anywhere in that kingdom. However, in a Thai tourist location you usually (99.9% of the time) only find males (80% non-gay) who will officially or unofficially ask for cash gifts.

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