The Ancestral Spirits Ceremony Festival

The Ancestral Spirits Ceremony Festival is an example of Thai festivals that have significant and important meaning to the people who live there. Although there are a myriad of different Pattaya festivals, this particular festival, which is held annually in Sriracha is a vitally essential festival because it celebrates the lives of ancestors lost through the years and their contributions to Thailand.

The event itself is held annually in April, and it plays home to a wide variety of different activities. One of the biggest activities held by this Thai festival is a parade which is held by the elderly as well as personnel from a variety of different government agencies. These people don conventional folk costumes to celebrate the histories of their ancestors.

There are a number of other activities held during Pattaya festivals such as this one, including ceremonies designed to appease the spirits and a demonstration of Kong Khao which is ceremonial rice piling. There are a wide variety of folk games that are played during this three day long ceremony, and many local delicacies are sold along with local arts items being demonstrated and sold throughout the festival as well.

The Ancestral Spirits Ceremony Festival provides an opportunity for residents of Thailand to celebrate lost ancestors and the rich history of the nation, as well as to share of themselves and their cultures with others, including people from other nations.

When it comes to festivals in Pattaya, the Ancestral Spirits Ceremony is definitely one of the most meaningful annual gatherings. Not only is this an important festival when it comes to the people in Pattaya, but it is also important to tourists who come from far and wide to experience the colourful festivities which are held here during the month of April. Because of this and other festivals in Pattaya, many people decide to visit Pattaya during the month of April.

The Ancestral Spirits Ceremony Festival has roots that go back to very old and traditional customs from the people of Chonburi as well as Sriracha. The fair is typically held in the third week of April, between the 19th and the 21st, though the days of the week obviously change from year to year. Sometimes this is a weekday festival while other times it is a weekend festival depending on the year.

Because this Ancestral Spirits Ceremony Festival offers an interesting and in-depth look at the culture of the people from this region, this is one of the most popular festivals in Thailand, one that attracts tourists from the world over to experience everything that it has to offer. Tourists that visit Pattaya during the month of April can experience a wide variety of local food items, arts and crafts and a deep look into the culture of Thailand and Pattaya specifically. If you were ever interested in learning more about how the people in Thailand worship and celebrate their ancestors, then this is one of those Thai festivals that are absolutely worth experiencing for yourself first hand.

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