The Alcazar Pattaya Ladyboy Show!

The Alcazar Ladyboy Show in PattayaAlcazar Pattaya is an important destination if you want to take in all of the facets of a unique culture subset in Thailand. The Alcazar show is a truly unique stage show that involves ladyboys dressed in intricate costumes on stage. Pattaya has had a long standing love affair with ladyboys, exemplified here with the Alcazar cabaret show and all that it has to offer.

The Alcazar Pattaya stage show is uniquely beautiful and rich in culture, with spectacular and extravagant costumes, stunningly convincing ladyboys, stage settings, beautiful Thai music and so much more. Many of these shows feature non-stop entertainment detailing culture and music of not only Thailand, but other cultures as well including Persian harlem, K-Pop, Russian sage and even an outer space theme. Whether you are looking for rich entertainment or are simply curious about Pattaya's ladyboys, there is plenty to see at the Alcazar Show Pattaya.

The Alcazar show in Pattaya may not be the only ladyboy cabaret featuring beautiful Thai drag queens in extravagant costumes, but it is certainly going to be one of the best shows that you ever experience, and so is well worth visiting during your trip to Pattaya, Thailand. You will be so caught up in the music and the beauty of the cabaret show, that you will have difficulty remembering that every performer on stage is a ladyboy. This fact only serves to make the show even more interesting, exciting and appealing to those that visit.

The combination of music, dance, cabaret, ladyboys and beautiful costume presentations makes Alcazar one of the greatest transvestite cabaret performances in all of Asia. This stunning performance is a must see while visiting the region, and absolutely cannot be missed.

The Alcazar show in Pattaya can be found at 78/14 Pattaya 2nd Road in Pattaya City, 20260.

If you are interested in more information, photos and videos of ladyboys then take a look at our Pattaya ladyboys page.

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