Acqua Condominium Pattaya 
An Excellent Investment Property Option

If you are looking at investing in property in Thailand, you should take a look at Acqua Condominium Pattaya which is located in Jomtien Beach, Pattaya. The idea behind making an investment in real estate is to see property appreciation or to get good rental returns from it. For overseas real estate investors, it is easier to invest in a condominium rather than a house in Thailand as the property laws have restrictions on foreigners owning land. While there are many condominium blocks in the city, finding older Pattaya apartments for sale is not easy as they are rarely come on the market for resale. Even if they do, the prices are extremely high and while it may be a good option for someone who wants to live in the heart of the city, the exorbitant prices will not suit your financial goals if you are looking for significant returns from overseas property investment.


For those looking to cash in on the increasing realty prices in Pattaya, investing in a condo that is under construction, or even pre construction condos, makes economic sense for several reasons. Firstly, the prices of properties are at the lowest in the pre-construction or construction stages. Secondly, it is possible to make staggered payments until the apartment construction is complete. Since Acqua condominium Pattaya is still in the pre-construction stage, it is a good investment option for both these reasons.

Location & accessibility

When you are looking at purchasing a condo for investment, the location of the investment property for sale is one of the key factors to be considered. Obviously, a condo with a beautiful view of the ocean or the greenery in the surrounding area would be ideal. Acqua condo is a good option in terms of location as it is just 150 meters from Jomtien Beach Road. In addition, it is relatively close to the Sukhumvit Highway that goes to Bangkok. At present, with just greenery separating it from the Pattaya Beach Road most units in Acqua condominium Pattaya will have wonderful views of either the sea or the trees and foliage.

Facilities & amenities

Nowadays, facilities and amenities are an important consideration while purchasing an apartment as it increases the value of investment properties for sale. With high end amenities such as a 50 metre swimming pool, two roof top swimming pools, kids’ zone, landscaped gardens and rooftop area, barbeque, fitness centre, Jacuzzi, steam room, yoga room and library, Acqua condominium is a great investment option as far as facilities are concerned. These facilities make it an easy to rent property, and you can make use of the property management services to ensure your Pattaya investment is well maintained.

Progress of construction

With off plan or pre construction condos, the time taken for project completion is crucial as it ensures that your funds are not locked in for an unnecessarily long time. The construction of Acqua Pattaya is expected to start in July 2012, and it will be completed by March 2014, which means that the lock-in period is less than two years. This makes it one of the great real estate investment opportunities in Pattaya as you can look at earning rental income within two years.

Reputation of the builder

A common apprehension that many overseas investors have is whether the investment property they have bought in Pattaya is being built by a reliable builder who has good financial backing and the technical capability to deliver a high-quality construction. On this count, there are no worries as far as this project is concerned as the firm involved in the development of Acqua condominium Pattaya has an excellent reputation in the market having successfully completed two prior projects – The Urban Pattaya and The Gallery Condominium.

Professional assistance

While you may have heard of the lucrative real estate investment Pattaya offers, you may think twice about whether the property advertised is everything that it claims to be. It will be impossible for you to verify physically whether Acqua condominium Pattaya is a suitable investment opportunity without travelling to Pattaya. However, instead of travelling a long way just to see the plot of land where the condo is going to come up, an easier option is to use the services of a professional property investment company in Pattaya, that can do physical inspections, check all legal aspects related to the property, and finally, advise you as to whether it is a safe investment option.

Thailand Property is a property investment Pattaya company that offers comprehensive services to investors looking at buying real estate in Pattaya purely from an investment perspective. From identifying several different types of Pattaya condos for sale to verifying whether it has clearances and checking up on the builder’s reputation or financial backing, there is a whole range of services that they can undertake.

In fact, when I was looking for an investment property for sale in Pattaya, it was Ian from Thailand Property who alerted me on the new project that was coming into the market in Jomtien and advised me to take a look at Acqua Condominium Pattaya. If you want to get in touch with him, you can find the contact details at

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